Freestyle Friday

Frequenting home and decor stores with an almost two year old can be difficult. There are breakable things everywhere and E does not like to stay in the cart, which is a big part of the reason I do most of my home shopping online. However, about once a month we make a family trip to HomeGoods. Their inventory turns over quickly and once it’s gone it does not usually get restocked, so we visit frequently to keep tabs on their inventory. You can also download The Goods app on your phone or tablet to see whats’s new in your local store every day! HomeGoods is full of discounted treasures that look a lot or are the same items that are… Read More

A Family Friendly Basement Bar Design

Basement Kitchenette

Drumroll please…. Monday I unveiled the design for the moody and dark entertainment room. Today, I present you it’s opposite, the white and bright kitchenette, and sometime bar, or as we call it “the light room.”   To see the vision for the bar at-a-glance click here. We plan for this space to serve as a kitchenette during the day for quick snacks and drinks, and as a bar for special occasions. I can just picture E’s little feet dangling off a bar stool. This daydream melts my mommy heart already. To balance the darkness of the entertainment room, which we are painting floor-to-ceiling in dark gray, we are painting this room straight up white. I mean really white! Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, Simply… Read More

A Dark Entertainment Room

Remember how I mentioned last week  I came up with a design for the basement that would fulfill both Daren and I’s wishes? A compromise, if you will, of dark and light. Today I will be unveiling the riskiest room. If you’re in a rush, you can see a quick run down here. The main theme in the basement is contrast. We have done this before. The majority of our home has a balance of white and dark. However, our upstairs overwhelming favors the bright. This time we’re flipping it. We plan to paint an entire room dark gray…including the ceiling! Is this a design risk? Probably, but here is how I think we can make it work. The above… Read More

Freestyle Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday! First of all, I had no idea what to expect when Pretty Domesticated launched Sunday, but you have all blown us away with your support. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to connect with us on the site or via social media, or who has subscribed to our newsletter. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like to see more or less of in the comments or by contacting us here. Now let me introduce Freestyle Friday, a weekly post that will highlight things that I wanted to share, but that didn’t warrant their own post or that are a little off topic. Let’s kick of the weekend, shall we. West Elm’s Sofa Sale is… Read More