Coveting Now – Modern & Brass Ceiling Fan

I’ve lost it you guys. I have major green eyed envy over this brass and walnut fan I spotted on Rejuvenation this week. It’s a good thing this series is called “Coveting Now” because I am 100% lusting after it’s spinning blades of beauty. I have no business wanting it what so ever. We have a perfectly good (and much cheaper) fan, you can find here, hanging from our tray ceiling. But man do I want this brass beauty for our master bedroom.  Isn’t it pretty?! Is it just me? Have I completely lost it? It is no secret I have a major thing for brass. You can see proof of that here, here and here. We already have a lot of golden… Read More

Coveting Now – Starburst Chandelier

I tend to get a little obsessed with the details of our home. As in, I spend embarrassing amounts of time searching for the perfect item and then lay in bed saying things to Daren like, “Do you think it would be better if was more blue, less blue, a tiny bit bigger, smaller, etc.” My current all consuming hunt is for a light above our kitchen table, but small detail, we don’t even have our permanent table or rug yet. My name is Katie, and I have a late night internet shopping problem. But I digress. After scouring the internet and a few dozen magazines, I fell hard for the Sputnik and starburst chandeliers I was seeing. Even better, Daren is into them too.… Read More