Where to Find Patterned Tile + Bathroom Progress

I now fully understand the hashtag #Ihaveathingwithfloors. I am head over heels for our bathroom floor. I will love it for ever and ever and ever (or at least until it becomes dated, which is hopefully NEVER!).  Our bathroom tile has received a lot of attention since I first posted it on Instagram and shared the bathroom design plan.  Like our office painting, it’s safe to say it’s a fan favorite. Since I’m generous, I’m giving up all the details. But first a close up. Ignore the dirt, it still needs a good scrub down. This stunning tile is Cement Tile Shop’s Bordeaux pattern in Pacific Black. I came across it  after seeing patterned floors over and over again in my Pinterest and Instagram… Read More

Bringing Fashion to Your Home with Kate Spade (ShopStyle x CFDA Fashion Targets Breast Cancer)

*I was notified today 10/19 that several states have been added to the list of states that are not included in the promotion, including North Dakota. Please see details at the end of the post. I am very disappointed by this news. Today’s post combines a few of my favorite things – fashion, home decor and supporting a good cause. Today through Sunday, Oct. 23 I will be donating 10% of my net profit from my ShopStyle affiliate link sales to the CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. While I am allowed to cap my donation, I have elected to maximize my contribution. With the proceeds from the campaign, the CFDA Foundation will provide meaningful help to women concerned about and/or diagnosed with breast… Read More

Coveting Now – Modern & Brass Ceiling Fan

I’ve lost it you guys. I have major green eyed envy over this brass and walnut fan I spotted on Rejuvenation this week. It’s a good thing this series is called “Coveting Now” because I am 100% lusting after it’s spinning blades of beauty. I have no business wanting it what so ever. We have a perfectly good (and much cheaper) fan, you can find here, hanging from our tray ceiling. But man do I want this brass beauty for our master bedroom.  Isn’t it pretty?! Is it just me? Have I completely lost it? It is no secret I have a major thing for brass. You can see proof of that here, here and here. We already have a lot of golden… Read More

A High Contrast Black and White Bathroom Design

Whats black and white and gold all over? …Our future guest bathroom! I’ve already revealed the designs and finish selections for the playroom, bar and the guest bedroom, but until now I have only shared a single Instagram post hinting at whats going to happen in the basement bathroom. My virtual silence does not mean I’m not excited about it. The flooring from Cement Tile Shop we selected may be my favorite finishing detail I have ever picked. Check it out below. It looks like art!  Hopefully it is timeless art, not something that is super dated in 10 years or that wears poorly. I think that the fact that it is black and white will keep it on the… Read More