Ideas for Decorating the Guest Bedroom

*This post contains affiliate links. We are all about bedrooms this month. Our master bedroom will be featured in Design & Living Magazine in about a week, we are bringing you through the complete process of designing E’s big girl room and today I’m showing off my vision boards for the basement guest bedroom. When you have a good thing going, why stop? The guest bedroom is quickly nearing completion. We are just waiting on a steel ladder and railing guard. Since the room is small and the beds are built in there isn’t the need for a ton of decor, but I wanted the few items we do use to be playful and fun. I put together two design… Read More

Project Big Girl Room – Step 1: Pinterest Research

I’ve been talking about it for a while, but we are finally ready to get started on E’s big girl room! She’ll be moving down the hall to a bigger room as soon as we can get our act together. Despite her extreme excitement when we first showed her the already purchased bed, she is still a little tentative about the adjustment. I’m hoping a room makeover, will amp up her excitement once more. I know I’m excited about it! Even if it means forfeiting my clean laundry drop off zone. Her new room is right across the hall, and while I’m pretty good at loading, I’m not so great at the whole putting clothes away part…  Anyway, since this is the first room makeover… Read More

A Custom Rustic Coffee Table by Jute Home Company

I have a little secret. Our old leather ottoman was not even close to picture perfect. It was actually aggressively peeling on the top to the point I’d find tiny little pieces of leather (err.. pleather?) in E’s diaper since I regularly change her on it.  I’ve been creatively cropping out the rough parts all along. We kept it around this long, because it was soft, cushy and definitely kid friendly, which you know I’m all about. However, the time has finally come to say goodbye or at least banish it into the basement, until I select the perfect round coffee table or ottoman. I must say I don’t miss it one bit, because it’s been replaced by a one-of-a-kind… Read More

Where to Find Patterned Tile + Bathroom Progress

I now fully understand the hashtag #Ihaveathingwithfloors. I am head over heels for our bathroom floor. I will love it for ever and ever and ever (or at least until it becomes dated, which is hopefully NEVER!).  Our bathroom tile has received a lot of attention since I first posted it on Instagram and shared the bathroom design plan.  Like our office painting, it’s safe to say it’s a fan favorite. Since I’m generous, I’m giving up all the details. But first a close up. Ignore the dirt, it still needs a good scrub down. This stunning tile is Cement Tile Shop’s Bordeaux pattern in Pacific Black. I came across it  after seeing patterned floors over and over again in my Pinterest and Instagram… Read More