Freestyle Friday

*This post contains affiliate links. I’m back and better than ever temporarily disabled!  In seriousness, I apologize from the lack of attention the blog has been getting. Writing took a backseat to some other opportunities (Check us out in the April Issue of Design & Living) and to some DIY projects around the house, namely our basement stairs. Then a week ago, I broke my foot stepping off the side of those just about completed stairs, minutes after meeting with a contractor to finalize the railing measurements.  In my defense it’s less than 2 ft high. I thought my bones could handle it. I was wrong. (Get the whole story here.) It was a very “Katie” thing to do, and I… Read More

Operation Build Gingerbread House

Looking for a fun holiday activity that your kid-at-heart self and your actual kids will love? It’s time to hit the shelves of Target! I love Christmas and I really love treats, so when I saw Target carries several gingerbread kits, I knew it would be a great weekend activity for the whole family. E has definitely inherited my sweet tooth, so to kick off the holiday spirit, we set up a gingerbread construction site in our kitchen a few weekends ago. While I bake from scratch every once in a blue moon, I am a big fan of pre-made, especially when it’s a kit that helps you skip the messy part and jump right to the fun part — decorating. I… Read More

Freestyle Friday (Check Out Our New Project List Page!)

Well guys, are basement is nearing completion. I’ll be Facebook live-ing a tour this weekend and I plan to post a longer progress report soon, as well as, a few DIY tutorials in the next month and a design update on the stairs. I may post one more sneak peak after that, but big picture wise, it will be *mostly under wraps until we are ready to reveal the rooms around January. Then you can expect a flurry of posts with all the final details. *I often can’t help but share real time progress in my Instagram stories. So what am I going to write about when our basements done? Well, because I have problem with being over inspired, our to-do… Read More

Freestyle Friday

*This post contains affiliate links. How cute are these kiddos? Daren’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit with this week, with their kids. It was chaos, but the good kind! As far as we are concerned family is everything! Another thing that is everything in my book is Alice & Ames! My favorite dress shop for littles re-released their fall collection Thursday. I set an alarm and had all my selections in my cart 4 minutes after the release, and still didn’t get my favorite dress before it sold out! Don’t cry for me! I still managed to snag two rompers and two dresses! There are still lots of dresses available in size 6 – 8, and rompers in a range of sizes. Alice & Ames will… Read More