The Process of Designing Our Basement Bar + The Final Design

Since we do a lot of DIY and show off our work, people assume the design process and making decisions is easy for us. That is definitely not the case. I have said this before and I’ll say it again – decisions are hard! The struggle is real! We suffer from design indecisiveness with the best of them. Just ask the contractor working on our basement! Sorry Jason!   With Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram it can be easy to get a wee bit over inspired. I see dozens of pictures, if not more, of rooms I would love to transplant into my own house everyday. When it comes to designing a room, it can be hard for us to focus on one style.… Read More

The Power of a Bigger Window

Making a basement cozy, but not cave-like can be a challenge. Windows are usually sparse and unless you are lucky enough to have a walk out basement, natural light is limited in the few windows you do have. We painted our entertainment room dark. (I may have mentioned it a few times). During the planning stage, we were left scratching our heads on how to make it work without it seeming cold. Then our contractor stepped in and helped solve our woes. We are working with Carpenter Homes, to finish the basement and they suggested we increase the size of the window on the playroom wall a foot to bring in more light. It set us back about $2K, but was well worth it.… Read More

Planning Our Playroom + The Final Design

Before we were even considering finishing our basement, heck before E could really even walk, I was dreaming of and pinning playrooms and play tables. Maybe it’s the kid in me that doesn’t want to grow up, but anytime I enter a home with a dedicated playroom, that is not a guest bedroom moonlighting as a playroom, I feel a ping of jealousy. Oh hi there, playroom of my dreams! I love you. We currently have a playroom upstairs that’s bright and cheery and that will not be dissembled anytime soon, but since we hope to have more children we can’t bank on always having it to store toys. Plus it’s a little tight for run around play. You can see pictures… Read More

A Family Friendly Basement Bar Design

Basement Kitchenette

Drumroll please…. Monday I unveiled the design for the moody and dark entertainment room. Today, I present you it’s opposite, the white and bright kitchenette, and sometime bar, or as we call it “the light room.”   To see the vision for the bar at-a-glance click here. We plan for this space to serve as a kitchenette during the day for quick snacks and drinks, and as a bar for special occasions. I can just picture E’s little feet dangling off a bar stool. This daydream melts my mommy heart already. To balance the darkness of the entertainment room, which we are painting floor-to-ceiling in dark gray, we are painting this room straight up white. I mean really white! Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, Simply… Read More