Operation Build Gingerbread House

Looking for a fun holiday activity that your kid-at-heart self and your actual kids will love? It’s time to hit the shelves of Target!

I love Christmas and I really love treats, so when I saw Target carries several gingerbread kits, I knew it would be a great weekend activity for the whole family. E has definitely inherited my sweet tooth, so to kick off the holiday spirit, we set up a gingerbread construction site in our kitchen a few weekends ago.

While I bake from scratch every once in a blue moon, I am a big fan of pre-made, especially when it’s a kit that helps you skip the messy part and jump right to the fun part — decorating. I didn’t even have to turn on my oven!

I was tempted to get the Jelly Belly Kit or the Train Kit, but we opted to go classic since this was E’s first gingerbread experience and the kit had toddler friendly candy. As anticipated, E spent more time snacking on the frosting and treats than decorating.

We chose the Build Your Own Gingerbread House Kit. You can find it here.

The best part about Target’s kits is they are under $10. There is no way I could make a gingerbread house from scratch for less. Have you seen the cost of decorative candy?!?

During the process, the hardest part was definitely assembling the house. Gravity wanted to pull that little roof right down, but after an intervention from Daddy and a short break to let the frosting set without tiny prying hands scooping out the delicious white “snow,” we were ready to add the candy.

If you’d like to skip this part, I recommend this pre-assembled kitI may or may not be planning to purchase this kit next year. I plead the fifth.

Our build-your-own kit came with everything we needed to landscape and accessorize the house, including plenty of frosting. E ate most of it during the build and we still had enough for a little extra snow.

See exhibit A: E sampling the product after the build was complete.

While our gingerbread house doesn’t look exactly like the picture perfect gingerbread house on the box, it was made with a lot of love…and spit. I’ve proudly displayed it in our home this whole Christmas season.

We have definitely started a new holiday tradition in the Sullivan household. If you purchase a kit, we hope it brings laughter to your kitchen too.

We’d love to hear how it goes in the comments!

Shop gingerbread kits from around the web below! Some of these kits are a little more involved than the Target ones, but would be great for families with no kids or older kids.

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