Speaking Opportunities

In a former life, Katie Sullivan worked as a print journalist, graphic designer and professional marketer. As a new SAHM and reluctant millennial, she took those skills an applied them to the world of social media and somewhat unexpectedly an online interior design brand was born. Hear Katie’s story. Katie is available to speak at your next corporate meeting, leadership event or luncheon. Email us at hello@prettydomesticated.com for rates.


Building A Personal Brand in a Social World
You, your Mom and approximately 70% of your friends are on social media, and everyone has a unique point-of-view. Why can’t yours be a business? Blogger and social media influencer, Katie Sullivan, will discuss how she transformed Pretty Domesticated, a home & lifestyle blog that started as a creative outlet for a stay-at-home Mom, into a growing business, using niche marketing and Instagram. Katie will walk you through building a personal brand, and strategies to grow an authentic and engaged social media audience that converts.

Custom topics are available.