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Overcoming Indecision and Second Guessing

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A big misconception about Daren and me is that we are naturally decisive. Because we run a blog about home design, and manage to complete house projects without ruining our marriage, people assume that when we come up with a plan, we stick to it and that the decisions along the way are easy. While we do have a knack for design, and Daren is incredibly handy, that is not always the case.

There is a reason this blog is called pretty domesticated and it’s not just because I think our house is pretty. It’s because for every day we have it pulled together, there is a day, or two, where our house and projects are a hot mess.

At the end of a project, are we happy with the results? Yes, but that doesn’t mean the process is smooth. We suffer from indecision and second-guessing with the best of them.

Here are a few of the things in the basement we have foolishly lost sleep over. (That’s a lie. Only I have lost sleep. Daren sleeps like a rock).

Excuse the terrible IPhone picture. This is the only photo I took with the beam temporarily in place.

The bar design. We planned our framing around a bar layout we ended up abandoning. Then we went from an all white kitchenette to a mis-matched white and navy bar.

On a related note, the beam in the bar has been a point of contention. During the planning stage, the rustic beam we designed the basement around moved position several times. First, it was going to be next to the bathroom wall, and then just in the ceiling. Then it was going to be at the end of the counter next to the arch, but we worried the walkway would be too constricted, and the whole idea was almost abandoned. After talking, analyzing, flip-flopping and talking some more, we decided to place it at the end of the island, with another beam across the ceiling. It’s been a process and they haven’t even been installed yet.


The lighting. It took us 2 months to decide on lights for the bunk beds. We even asked you for advice. The kicker, the lights I selected aren’t either of the lights I blogged about.


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The cabinet doors. Should the mirrored doors in the playroom area have one brace or grids? After the cabinet frames were installed, we realized the doors looked more wall-to-wall mirror, less cabinets doors that happen to have mirrors. We decided the mirrors need to be broken up more, so we had Clearwater Custom Cabinets mock up two options. It took a whole week to decide, but we finally decided on grids.


The hardware. My original design called for brass hardware. Simple, right? No. I love Schoolhouse Electric’s pulls, while I love Rejuvenation’s quirky cupboard latches. Mixing and matching isn’t an option because the brass finishes are noticeably different. The fact there are thousands of options to still consider on Amazon doesn’t help my indecisiveness either.

So how did we or are we going to get past these struggles? What is our secret to overcoming indecision and second guessing? Our secret is starting and pushing through. That’s it.

We commit to moving forward. However slow forward may be. Sometimes it takes a few hours to get to the finish line and other times it takes 6 months.

We are both incredibly detail orientated, and a little bit of perfectionists. While some people may struggle with the big picture, for us the struggle is real for the small things. “The devil is in the details” should be written on my gravestone. We know we need time to make decisions, so we don’t race to the end. However, we also don’t let the fear of indecisiveness prevent us from starting. When we start projects, we keep going. What we lack in decisiveness, we make up for in commitment.

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