A Custom Rustic Coffee Table by Jute Home Company

I have a little secret. Our old leather ottoman was not even close to picture perfect. It was actually aggressively peeling on the top to the point I’d find tiny little pieces of leather (err.. pleather?) in E’s diaper since I regularly change her on it. 

I’ve been creatively cropping out the rough parts all along. We kept it around this long, because it was soft, cushy and definitely kid friendly, which you know I’m all about. However, the time has finally come to say goodbye or at least banish it into the basement, until I select the perfect round coffee table or ottoman.

I must say I don’t miss it one bit, because it’s been replaced by a one-of-a-kind coffee table by Jute Home Company.

You can see more pictures of our old ottoman here, here and here.

Jute Home Company, is owned by my longtime friends, Amy and McKane Wood, but that’s not the only or the most important reason why we hired them. I mean, look at these pictures. I think they speak for themselves. This couple has as much talent, as they do charm, and believe me, they’ve got plenty of both.

Their talent doesn’t stop at furniture either. Amy holds seasonal pop up shops on their property in Alexandria, MN, and also works as an interior decorator. Not to mention, they’re busy raising 3 kids!

Mug from Mint + Basil | Coasters from Unglued 

The design of our coffee table was a joint effort between our family and theirs. We gave them some guidelines and they took it over from there.

We modeled it after this table from Restoration Hardware, and this photo from Architectural Digest.

Daren and I wanted the corners and edges of the table to be rounded, so the space would remain as kid friendly as possible. While I’m sure the solid wood could give a toddler a mean headache, we will, hypothetically, avoid stitches! 

We kept the bottom of the table open to keep it light and airy. Now that we can see underneath the coffee table the room seems bigger and less crowded.

Since the table is completely custom we were able to to scale the table perfectly to fit our space. The table is 55 x 30 x 17. The length is 2/3 the length of our sofa, and the height is equal to the height of our sofa cushions. This makes it easy to rest our feet on the wood, among other things. We determined the width by factoring in how much of a walking space we wanted between the furniture. There is roughly 18 in. between the sofas and the table. It’s close enough to reach for a drink, but still offers plenty of leg room. It’s much less cramped than our previous set up, which was a tight 11 in. In your own homes, you should keep the space between 12 – 18 in.

For the stain, I think my directions were “I want it light, but also grayish,” and a few other vague terms. We should probably add mind readers to Amy and McKane’s list of talents because they nailed it.

It goes especially well with our buffet nearby and is exactly what we had envisioned. I love the variation in color on the top, and how the stain really makes the natural knots in the wood pop.

For more information about Jute Home Company visit their website here. You can find them on Facebook @Jute Home Company and on Instagram @jutehomeco.

Don’t miss their next market in March! 

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