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Great Gifts for Home Lovers from The PD Collection

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Great Home Decor Gifts from The PD Collection


Holiday gifts for the home decor lover.

This season holiday gifts that are in stock and ready to ship are hard to come by, especially in the home decor sphere. We rounded 17 of our favorite decor gifts from our very own collection and it’s ALL in stock!  Shop below to find the perfect gift for the home decor lover on your list. From cozy throws to family games they won’t mind leaving out on the coffee table, we have you covered!

What’s The PD Collection? The PD Collection is our newly launched online store. Everything in the collection from the furniture, decor to the lighting, is hand curated by Katie. Why shop The PD Collection? The PD Collection is not an affiliate shop. Shopping these products directly supports Pretty Domesticated and allows us to keep bringing you great home and lifestyle content free of charge.


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Pretty Domesticated

Seabreeze Throw Blanket

Affordable, cozy and beautiful is a combo made in Christmas gift heaven. This stylish cotton throw blanket accents coastal chic and updated farmhouse décor with patterned contemporary flair and fresh palettes. In gray and cream, a herringbone-inspired stripe design covers this sophisticated, fringed layer.

Pretty Domesticated

Great Escapes Italy

Have a stylish friend or family member on your holiday gift list who also happens to have a bit of wanderlust? The loveliness of Italy is, if not eternal, certainly enduring, and the easygoing and relaxed Italian lifestyle is still unrivaled. Here, some of Italy’s most amazing landscapes and diverse regions are brought to life. Not to mention, this coffee table book looks great styled in a bookshelf or on a table.

Pretty Domesticated

The Big Book of Chic

The name says it all. Everything about this coffee table book is chic from the pages to they styling opportunities. Internationally acclaimed interior design sensation Miles Redd is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour. The Big Book Of Chic gives a glimpse into the inspiration that fuels Redd, and focuses on the pleasures of living life in a beautiful way.

Pretty Domesticated

Grey Shagreen Box

Finished in grey shagreen, this decorative box is perfect for adding height and interest to styling while also serving as a small, functional storage space. Complete with beautiful metallic hardware for a mix of materials that accentuates its leather construction, this box will give visual appeal to your loved ones space.

Pretty Domesticated

Decker Table Lamp

This is magical light in that its earthy, aged textured and finish looks good in any space, making it a great gift! We have this shapely light in our son’s room, but it adds character and an essential layer of light to grown-up spaces just as easily.

Pretty Domesticated

Loom Bowl in Silver

The Loom Bowl is hand-shaped and gives the impression that threads of precious metal are weaving throughout. This medium size bowl is unique and special, just like those on your holiday shopping list.

Pretty Domesticated

Olive Statue, Gold

The Olive statue is a poetic depiction of crossed olive branches, which traditionally represent peace and victory. Our version is sculpted in the Art Deco style you might find at Rockefeller Center or the United Nations in Geneva. This wonderful symbol with beautifully rendered leaves and olive fruit reveals a sensitive, artful hand. Great for your peacemaker’s home or office.

Pretty Domesticated

Santorini Urn

A large vase is my styling secret weapon. Handmade of terracotta, this large vase is finished with a white crackle glaze. Perfect for branches or simple floral arrangements, this urn can be used on a table or even the floor.

Pretty Domesticated

Ernesto (Leather & Tobacco) Candle

Quite the ideal companion. An easy size to travel with, La Petite Bougie blends in wherever it goes and can easily turn into the perfect gift. This candle is manufactured at the Trudon workshop in Normandy, France, using unrivaled know-how inherited from master candle makers.

Pretty Domesticated

Alabaster Mini Orb Lamp

A material revered since ancient Egyptian times, alabaster evokes a naturalistic, yet sophisticated tone, paired with a a tall off-white linen drum shade for added brilliance, this mini orb lamp strikes a stunning balance perfect for any room. Its petite size makes it a  easy gift for any home decor lover.

Pretty Domesticated

Smith Woven Throw

The Smith Woven Throw is the epitome of warmth and coziness. Generously sized to fit in any living room or bedroom. This throw is the perfect gift for anyone you love. Or gift it to yourself (your secret’s safe with us!)

Pretty Domesticated

Acrylic Tic Tac Toe

We took the the age-old, family-oriented fun of tic-tac-toe to an elevated level of style with this playfully interactive yet sophisticated set. This game can be left out day after day and makes a great gift for your stylish game loving friend.

Pretty Domesticated

Small Bedouin Bowl

This beautiful bowl features a round silhouette with a soldered seam that rings the design. Carefully crafted in brass, this bowl boasts a natural recycled brass finish and makes a great gift.

Pretty Domesticated

Turtle Shell Porcelain Bowl

This blue and white porcelain bowl large scale makes a big impact. I recently gifted this grand hand painted bowl to myself with no regrets. It looks stunning when empty on a table and happens to make a excellent fruit bowl, as well.

Pretty Domesticated


A beloved game in a a sleek style, our dominoes set makes for a thoughtful gift and a coffee table–worthy accent. Get ready for a holiday game night!

Pretty Domesticated

Vintage Pottery Water Jar

Its easy to see why the Vintage Pottery Water Jar is a bestseller. This hot item draws your eye with its deep coloring and natural texture. Each beautiful vase is over 100 years old, it’s no wonder they offer such an antique, found look!

Pretty Domesticated

Cordova Tray

Crafted by Indian artisans from aluminum sheets, our Cordova Tray is meticulously hammered to create its unique shape and texture. It features a timeless antique brass finish to accentuate your loved ones home with a rustic, antique-inspired charm.

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