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First things first, thank you for checking out our blog, Pretty Domesticated! To say we appreciate your support would be a major understatement. We would like to welcome you to our virtual home, where we will be documenting our house wins and, just as importantly, our house struggles, along with some other (hopefully fun and useful) lifestyle and home related material. While this is our creative baby and a fun use of our time regardless of the outcome, our goal is to have this site become a valuable resource for all things domestic.

Playroom Instagram
We’ll share styling tips.

Our home renovations are a going to be little different from the ones typically featured on blogs. Let’s be clear, we in no way consider our house a fixer upper. We actually designed and built our house in 2014, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

daren and eva family room
We’ll share how we live in and ENJOY our home.

Family Room glimpse

There are several things we skipped during the building process, either by choice to save money (like not having crown or wall molding installed), or because we didn’t know any better. This is the first time we have lived in our own house, let alone built one!  

katie eva working on books
We’ll share quick DIY projects, like how to cover your books in white paper for a clean, crisp bookcase.

At it’s frame, we have a well-built and beautiful home. But we are after character. We love the charm and personality of older homes. I mean, I never turn down a good old-fashioned white built-in. We actually searched for a seasoned home for a few years before settling on building, but in the end we couldn’t turn down modern conveniences. Shout out to HGTV for making me afraid of what is growing or living, eek, inside every existing house’s walls.

We will also let you get to know us.

Interested in what you can expect from Pretty Domesticated?

  • The blog will be written from Katie’s perspective, but will feature Daren’s craftsmanship.
     I’m a former journalist, turned marketer, turned stay-at-home mom. I am borderline obsessed with all thing home related, in particular, interior design. Most of the doing, other than purchasing things online and creating paper products, is done by my husband Daren. Without him there would be no DIY action. I’m artsy; he’s handy. I pin; he executes.
  • There will be a lot of home decorating posts.
    As of now, the majority of our post will be home related. We will be posting DIY tutorials, featuring both small and large projects. Some will be architectural, while others will feature things like how to create your own artwork for a nursery. We will also be highlighting products we love or are interested in. It’s not all completely unselfish, however. We will probably be reaching out to our readers for advice via the blog when we back ourselves into a corner on a project or when we just can’t make a decision. (Be prepared — this happens often).
  • To keep things interesting we will also feature some lifestyle, parenting and family posts.
    If I find a recipe I love, I’ll share it. If we throw a party, I’ll feature it. If E does something adorable (or awful), l might post about it. If I need some parenting advice, I’ll ask it.  Or if I come across information not related to any of this, but I think our readers will appreciate, I’ll disclose it. We aren’t setting strict rules on what we will post. We just hope to keep it real and to rely on our readers to let us know what the want to see more or less of!
  • We will try to post 3-5 times weekly.
    This I cannot guarantee, but as long as we have loyal readers we will do our best to fill you in on what we are working on, enjoying, or browsing for online on a regular basis.

Now let’s get better acquainted! Check out the links below to learn more about our family, take a tour of our home, and to shop our little print shop.

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Looking forward to the things to come. Thanks for reading!

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