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Paint Color Chart

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Stop second guessing what paint you used in your home! Get organized with our free paint color chart. It’s and easy way to keep track of the brand, color and finish of all the paint throughout your house. 

If you’ve ever touched up a paint color in your house and then realized it was the completely wrong paint, you know how important it is to track your paint colors. I have most of my paint colors memorized, but it’s the brand and sheen that get me. Painters often color match paint and use the brand they prefer. Then when I pick up the brand I think it is to do touch ups, it can cause problems. I’ve learned my lesson and now I track what brand the painter uses so I don’t make any mistakes when touching it up.

Living Room painted Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray with white trim

But that’s not the only paint touch up mistake I’ve made. One time I touched up the trim in my house and after it dried I realized I had used the wrong sheen! I also have no clue what color the back of the book case in my living room is. Luckily it’s never needed a touchup.

After a few too many mistakes, I created this paint color chart to keep track of all the colors in my house. I also happen to have my paint colors listed for you room-by-room here.

Paint Color list on bulletin board

How to Use Our Free Paint Color Chart

In the free paint color chart, you’ll find a space for room, color, brand, sheen and notes. Just print it out, write down the information for each room and keep in a safe space. You’ll never find yourself second guessing if your using the right paint again! In the note section, you may want to include the year the paint was purchased.

You can download your complementary Paint Color Chart here. I have mine pinned on my bulletin board so I can avoid future mishaps!

Image of Paint Color Chart

This print out is also great for brainstorming potential colors to paint your home. Track the colors your interested in using then bring it with you to the paint store to pick up samples.

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