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2018 Gift Guide: For the Homebody

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  1. Homebody by Joanna Gaines $24: Because are you really a homebody if you aren’t a fan of Joanna? The ultimate guide to creating a homey space by the ultimate homebody herself.

  2. Hibernating Sweatshirt by ProperTee $40: Brought to you by home blogging duo Chris Love Julia. What’s more fitting for your friend that doesn’t like to leave the house than a cozy sweatshirt that pretty much says just that? Want an even more literal option? Check out their tee that actually says “homebody.”

  3. Echo Smart speaker with Alexa – Sandstone Fabric $69: Alexa can do everything but your dishes and laundry, and I’m pretty sure that’s coming. I gifted this to my siblings and my parents last year.

  4. Gold Painted Frame $12: Bonus points if you add a family picture.

  5. Chemex 6-Cup Coffeemaker with Wood Collar $41.95: I’m kind of a coffee snob and this thing makes the best pure drip coffee with no bitterness. Plus it looks pretty on the counter.

  6. Homebody Mug by ProperTee $14:  Sipping on a hot cup of the pure dripped coffee mentioned above in this mug… Throw in pajamas and this sounds like my actual dream.

  7. Wood Desk Calendar $15: Sometimes even a homebody needs to know what day it is and this looks great on an office desk.

  8. Vitruvi Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser $89.25: Help them turn their home into an actual spa.

  9. Brew: Better Coffee at Home by Brian W. Jones $25: Who doesn’t want better coffee at home? Have I mentioned I like coffee?

  10. Monopoly Game – Rustic Series Edition $38.99: Looks nice left out when not in use, and even better in action on game night.

  11. Painted Stripe Tray $72: A subtle statement piece that can perfectly store jewelry, keys, candy; you name it. Their home will thank you.

  12. Houses Art $129: A charming piece with hand drawn lines, and framed in black and natural linen. This is on my personal wish list.

  13. Vintage Pajama Set $95: About those pajamas I mentioned. This borrowed from the boys look is something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door in.

  14. Dominoes Coffee Table Game $35: Sleek when played or displayed. 

  15. The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes $60: Published by UK luxurious living and culture magazine, Monocle. This book is a natural choice for anyone looking to curate their own dream home.

  16. Birdies The Starling Slipper $120: These aren’t your Momma’s house shoes.  Seven layers of responsive cushion technology and plush, quilted lining equal a dream for your feet.


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