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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Home Decor Lover

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2022 Holiday Gifts for the Home Decor Lover


Gifts that are stylish, luxurious, and functional to delight your most committed home-decor-loving friends.


Even as a designer, I’ll never get tired of looking at and shopping for stunning home decor pieces. Whether it’s a piece of art, a perfect throw pillow, or a unique tchotchke, we’re sharing all the holiday gift ideas you could ever want or need for your favorite home decor loving pal.

I genuinely had a hard time narrowing this down to just 15 items because there are so many amazing home decor items available these days. But I picked the best of the best (aka, things I either would put in my own home or my clients’ homes, or things I’ve already bought, used, and love) for you to peruse on your holiday shopping ventures.

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McGee & Co

McGee & Co

Bundle of Matches & A Glass Match Holder

Elevate any candle display with real wood matches (with subdued multi-color tips) that are a whole lot prettier than any old gar lighter. Display them in this glass match holder with a corkboard bottom. Access the matches through match-size holes at the top of the dome. This arrangement will add intentionality and sophistication to any console or coffee table.

Jenni Kayne

Musk Glass Candle

Where are my earthy candle lovers? I’m raising my hand high, and I’m also a sucker for a candle that looks simple yet polished, no matter which room it’s placed in. This Jenni Kayne candle has aromas of spicy cardamom, amber, sandalwood, and orchid — the ideal blend of woodsy with floral and spice.

Shoppe Amber Interiors

Shoppe Amber Interiors

Black Iron Snuffer & Wick Trimmer

Whether gifted with your favorite candle or their own, these are sure to elevate the recipients candle experience. Not to mention, they look great styled on a console or table! The elegant candle snuffers can reach for the candle you can’t and will snuff the flame so that no unwanted wax or black smoke darkens the area near the candle. While using the sleek and functional wick trimmer prior to each burn will ensure a cleaner & longer burn time.

McGee & Co

Winter Homes Coffee Table Book

Add seasonality to your coffee table book selection with this Winter Homes: Cozy Living in Style page-turner. Escape to the world’s most breathtaking winter wonderlands inside this collection of incredibly designed homes that both connect with the nature around them and showcase impeccable and diverse interior design styles.

The Atelier Collection

Mini Vintage Art

I absolutely love full-sized vintage art to add character and history to a home, but minis are more affordable as a gift. These ones are a beautiful blend of colors and scenery, sure to look stunning in anyone’s home.

Jenni Kayne

Leather Catchall Tray

I love a simple yet beautiful tray, and this leather one with molded sides is simple yet beautiful for any entryway or living room. Use it for function to catch keys, mail, and the other random tidbits that seem to pile up on kitchen counters — or use as a display for your favorite candle, vase of flowers, or other decor items.

Pretty Domesticated

Pretty Domesticated

Classic Aluminum Candlestick in Medium & Tall

I’m a sucker for an elegant candlestick situation — it can add drama, flair, and romance to any dinner table or console. These gorgeous medium and tall aluminum traditional candlesticks from my own collection are some of my all-time favorites. I like getting at least two different heights to add variety and interest to the final look!

Shoppe Amber Interiors

Brass Shelf

I used this shelf in the Bluemont Bathroom Remodel and get asked about it all the time. Perfect for prettier storage of toiletries and accessories, the warm antiqued brass adds dimension and interest to any bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you need extra compact storage. A great gift idea for loved ones in smaller spaces, those who may be pregnant and nesting/organizing their hearts out, or someone moving into a new home!

Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy

The Frame TV

This is definitely an investment piece, but one that is 110% worth it in every way. The Frame TV allows you to display art or your own personal photos on the screen when the TV is turned off, so you don’t just have a black box hanging on your wall when the TV’s not being used. Instead, you can showcase a beautiful piece of art or a memory that brings you joy. I’ll never not sing the praises of this brilliant invention! It definitely elevates rooms where you want to have a television.


Magnolia Leaf & Berry Wreath

Get the “holiday wreath” look without sparkly red and green ribbon or boughs of pine branches that eventually dry out and make a big mess. With this magnolia leaf and berry wreath, you’ll be adding holiday cheer to your front porch in a subtle yet classically beautiful way. A great gift for hosts or new homeowners this season!


Handmade Decorative Marble Scalloped Bowl

This textured, scalloped bowl is handmade out of white natural marble and is an absolute statement piece for any kitchen, office, or living room. I can’t get over those deep ruffles and the movement it adds to any normal tablescape.

Lulu & Georgia

Copper Tea Pot

Downton Abbey vibes meet your kitchen with this gorgeous compact tea kettle in an antique solid copper finish. It adds a refined, rustic accent to any kitchen and is a stylish addition to your afternoon tea.

The Vintage Rug Shop

The Vintage Rug Shop

The Vintage Rug Shop

The Vintage Rug Shop

Vintage Wood Cutting Board

Perfect for entertaining others as well as assembling your own cozy charcuterie night at home, these wooden cutting boards are like art pieces themselves. For friends or family who love to host, they need one of these epic cutting boards that have lived a thousand lives (and have several more left in them).

McGee & Co

Brass Coasters

The perfect stocking stuffer and elegant place to set your drink in one! These solid brass and copper-plated coasters will age gracefully, revealing the time-tested charm of natural wear on pure metal.


Flower Subscription

When in doubt bring flowers. Even better, keep the fresh flowers coming. With this flower subscription, you can gift your loved one flowers monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly. It’s completely customizable to your needs.

Looking for more of one time thing? This giant box of elegant white flowers is sure to please your favorite hostess or host!

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