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A High Contrast Black and White Bathroom Design

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Whats black and white and gold all over?

…Our future guest bathroom!

I’ve already revealed the designs and finish selections for the playroom, bar and the guest bedroom, but until now I have only shared a single Instagram post hinting at whats going to happen in the basement bathroom. My virtual silence does not mean I’m not excited about it. The flooring from Cement Tile Shop we selected may be my favorite finishing detail I have ever picked. Check it out below. It looks like art!


Hopefully it is timeless art, not something that is super dated in 10 years or that wears poorly. I think that the fact that it is black and white will keep it on the unique, classic side. Fingers crossed. Usually we go simple and clean with our finishes, but I believe bathrooms are a great place to go a little wild. What do you think? Too loud or just right?

Before I reveal all our selections. Here is a refresher on where the bathroom is situated in the basement. See that door on the angled wall below? That’s it! For a better perspective of how it falls in the basement layout, visit this post.


I put together a rough drawing of the bathroom below. We went back and forth on the layout of the bathroom because the shape is a little random. We shrunk the size of the bathroom to increase our design options for the bar. You can read about that here. Due to where pipes were roughed in, this was the best layout for the overall design.


As you can see in the diagram, the majority of the bathroom is taken up by the shower. By placing the shower in the corner, it becomes the statement piece of the bathroom. When you open the door to the bathroom it will be the first thing you see. To really make an impact we are going with a steel grid enclosure. You can see some examples of steel showers via our Basement Bathroom Pinterest board. Follow us on Pinterest here.

We already have two bath tubs upstairs, so although we will likely have guests with kids, we don’t feel the need for another one in the basement. Not to mention, due to the constraint of our stairwell and window well, we aren’t entirely confident we could even get one into the basement if we wanted to.

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I have a major thing for brass right now, which Daren is tolerating, so we are integrating some brass touches into our mostly black and white design. We didn’t want to go completely over board with the brass since it’s a smaller bathroom and brass can be quite loud. We’re mixing brass, brushed bronze and black steel fixtures, and keeping the walls a bright white.

Daren really wanted to go with a blue vanity, but I was worried it would seem random when paired with all the black finishes. I wanted straight black. I know mixing blue and black is currently a trend, but I was worried about longevity.

Image from Amy Bartlam Photography.

Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to have to update this bathroom anytime soon. We compromised and settled on a dark bluish black by Benjamin Moore called Old Navy. You can see it in the picture below next to our other paint selections. While the name indicates blue, it reads more as black with strong blue undertones.

We will be doing this color for cabinets along the wall of our bar too.

In the end we expect the bathroom to look something like the picture below, complete with the steel gridded shower, and 360 subway tile with dark grout. Even the flooring is the same as what we’ve selected. You can see another picture of this gorgeous bathroom here.

Design and Photo belong to Studio LIFE.STYLE.

The tiler is scheduled to arrive Monday morning, so this bathroom will be progressing from a badly lit blank slate to a guest oasis soon. I’ll be posting some peaks at the progress via Instagram stories next week, so if you aren’t already following Pretty Domesticated on Instagram click here.

Give us some tips of what makes you feel at home when using a guest bathroom in the comments below. Want to come be our guest?

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