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The Source For Our Office’s Colorful, Statement Art

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Dark, but colorful home office

“You like me, you really like me” – The office art piece.

In the short time Pretty Domesticated has been live, I have received several emails regarding the statement art piece in our home office. To make it easier on everyone, I’m revealing my source.

Wait for it….

Soicher Marin Contemporary C
Soicher Marin Colorful Contemporary C

The large brightly colored painting in our home office is from Soicher Marin and is called Colorful Contemporary C. (They also make a A, B and D version).

The piece is to-the-trade, meaning it needs to be purchased through an industry professional, such as an interior designer or decorator. While a reproduction and not an original piece, this art is not available online. But have no fear, it can be yours!

I purchased my copy from a boutique called McNeal & Friends. They actually have one of the other editions in store now!

The artwork can be purchased and quoted through a designer or decorator in any city, state or country.  You can search for a professional in your area here.


I bought and ordered the artwork after seeing a picture of it on McNeal & Friends’ Facebook page, sight unseen. I guess you could say it spoke to me.

The funny thing is I had specifically purchased it to hang in our family room above our couch. When the painting arrived I placed it in the then light blue office for safe keeping and the way the light hit it from the nearby window made the colors pop.

You can see a before picture of the light blue office on the Tour Our Home page.

Office with Fig


When we went to hang it on our family room wall, the colors didn’t seem nearly as vibrant. The lighting didn’t do it justice. It seemed dull in comparison to how it had looked just moments before leaning against the office wall.  Which was somewhat disappointing since I had planned all our decorative accents in the family room around it!

Back into the unfinished office the painting went. It became the inspiration for what the office has come to be. A happy accident turned a great design.

Office with tree
bookcases (Ikea hack) | vintage rug from The Vintage Rug Shop | black and white art | Mac computer | chair – vintage (similar) | Desk | Bookcase Hardware

As weird as it is to say, this painting taught me a little lesson about interior design and perhaps life. Be flexible!

Have a plan, but accept that the art piece might say to you “I want to live here!” After you freak out because you’re super type A and are going to have to come up with a plan B, AND rethink everything you put in your vision board for the family room, breathe. It’s going to be okay. Even better than okay. Though your husband may need to reassure you a couple dozen times that, yes, it does in fact look better in the office.

What? Your art pieces don’t talk to you? Oh. How boring.

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2 thoughts on “The Source For Our Office’s Colorful, Statement Art

    1. Hi Candace! It is Sherwin Williams Inkwell (SW6992) It is my favorite dark paint. I love that it is a little softer than jet black, but still reads as very dark. On a sunny day, the blue undertones really shine through.

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