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Coveting Now – Modern & Brass Ceiling Fan

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I’ve lost it you guys. I have major green eyed envy over this brass and walnut fan I spotted on Rejuvenation this week. It’s a good thing this series is called “Coveting Now” because I am 100% lusting after it’s spinning blades of beauty. I have no business wanting it what so ever. We have a perfectly good (and much cheaper) fan, you can find here, hanging from our tray ceiling. But man do I want this brass beauty for our master bedroom. 

Image from Rejuvenation. Click the picture to purchase.
Isn’t it pretty?! Is it just me? Have I completely lost it?

It is no secret I have a major thing for brass. You can see proof of that here, here and here. We already have a lot of golden accents in our bedroom, so I feel like it would blend pretty seamlessly.

Side note – What I’d really love to do is to put a chandelier like this on the ceiling, but Daren insists we must have a fan in the bedroom. I must contend he is right, I turn that baby on a lot, but my love of pretty things wishes it wasn’t so.

To fully commit to my crazy, I photoshopped the Peregrine Industrial LED Ceiling Fan into our room.  Although I prefer the lightless version, we need all the light we can get in our bedroom, so I mocked it up with the light attached. 

The pictures above don’t really do the fan or room justice. It’s hard to capture the true wall color, especially with an IPhone! The paint color is Sherwin Williams Backdrop (SW7025), and it is a cool toned brown. In life, the wall color is complimentary to gold, though it seems a little off in my mock up. I’ll get you better pictures, taken with an actual camera, of the bedroom soon.

Not into brass? It comes in other colors too! Image from Rejuvenation.

In my defense, this fan found me. I was minding my own business, browsing the site for basement lighting, while laying in bed and watching Daren add crown molding to our tray ceiling. (I helped a little! More on that soon!) It just popped up on my screen. How is that not fate?

It’s not? Daren doesn’t agree either. Dang you reasonable people.

Alas, the fact that our basement has gone over budget and, you know, practicality, means I won’t be indulging this want. At least not now.

If you happen to be in the market for a fan, I highly recommend the beauty above, or you can shop some other great, modern options below.

*This post was not sponsored by Rejuvenation. I just really love this ceiling fan. However, this post does contain affiliate links.

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