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Life at the Counter with Serena & Lily

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What’s the most used room in your home? For us it’s hands down our kitchen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon chat or fifth afternoon snack, you can nearly always find one of us there. Particularly, at the island. Seriously, I swear my kids are always snacking and I’m always idling in the kitchen whether I’m cooking or not. Parties? Yup. You’ll find everyone gathered right here.

We share food. We share laughs, We share tears. We share dreams, and numerous other things, right here at the counter.

Given our penchant for the kitchen and my liking for beautiful, functional and easy to clean things, you’d think I would have picked up a good bar stool around, I don’t know, year one. Truth… those old ones that we lived with for YEARS, they were the wrong height (They were bar height, when we needed counter!) and not meant for anyone past adolescence to sit on. Which got a little embarrassing when we hosted and a little frustrating when the adults in the household wanted to sit, namely me. Nine Months pregnant over here!

We’ve only had the Tucker Counter Stools from Serena & Lily for a little more than a week, but they’ve already made a huge difference in how we spend our time at the kitchen counter. The higher backs provide safer support for our nearly 2-year-old. I’m no longer nervously huddled behind his back and we can all comfortably settle in to end our day while sharing our highs, lows and likely a little bit of sugar.

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Serena & Lily. After all, I’m constantly raving about our bistro dining chairs. Seriously, you really can hose them off! Hello, kid friendly! They’re one of our go-to sources for home decor and I love that Serena & Lily offers a fresh take on casual dining. I tend to lean towards traditional architecture, with modern elements and furniture mixed in. Their soft, slightly coastal vibe is often the missing piece I need to tie the whole room together. From the gingham sheets in our bunk room, to the perfect stuffed animal hamper in my daughter’s room to our new stools, I can always find a place for Serena & Lily.

Scroll down to shop more of our favorite Serena & Lily kitchen products. Then tell me where your family gathers!

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