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Top 10 Insta Posts of 2018

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See you later 2018! You were good to us.

We made a lot of changes to our home, finally got a back yard (over 4 years after moving in and just before the snow fall. Woops!) and got to spend our first entire year with 2 kids!

Our Instagram community also expanded in big ways. Give us a shoutout below if you started following us in 2018. So we thought it be fun to close out the year, with YOUR favorite moments from 2018 according to our main platform, Instagram.

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No. 10

Number 10 might actually be my number one because it has almost all my favorite things. My kitchen, Christmas decor, flowers, a vintage rug, food, and Target apparel.

Shop my dress here.

No. 9

Who didn’t dream of having a bunk bed as a child or as a child-at-heart? Me? I’m living vicariously through my children and you are here for it.

P.S. This is actually our guest bedroom.

No. 8

I fell for our new Cle Tile and so did you. It also didn’t hurt that Chris Loves Julia shared this post in their stories.

No. 7

Same room. New angle. Thank you for justifying my childhood fantasies turned adult realities.

No. 6

I like Christmas, you like Christmas, and we all REALLY LIKE the sunroom that was completed this year.

No. 5

Not going to lie, this one surprised me. I thought it was a simple filler post, but as with most things in life, it turns out I don’t know anything.

You loved our new tree from Balsam Hill as much as we do. Which just so happens to be on major sale right now.

Oh and I’m wearing Target again.

No. 4

My favorite place to gather in our home and your number four favorite post. Pretty much everything you see was new to us in 2018. The shiplapped ceiling we partially DIY’d, the life-friendly chairs, the light and the table – All new.

No. 3

A few updates to our TV room made a big difference and you guys approved with likes! I also revealed my top secret styling weapon – cut branches from my yard.

No. 2

Want to talk about something that gives you the warm fuzzies? When you announce you hit 10K on Instagram and your following makes it the second most liked post of the year. Thank you!

No. 1

Our number one most liked post has almost all the same ingredients as number 10, and was taken right after our kitchen update was completed. We were excited and it appears so were you!

Oh, and you guessed it, I’m wearing Target.

My takeaways from these analytics? You really like the back of my head, my main floor and when I wear Target. You are also a super wonderful, supportive community.

We are looking forward to seeing where this platform takes us in the new year and we’d love your input on what you’d like to see in 2019. We are planning more blog posts, more tutorials and a little more of US (particularly Katie, since I’m the one who actually photograph writes and produces the content. Though for some reason I’m always using the word “we.” lol.)

Head to our Instagram stories to give us input or simply comment below.

Happy New Year! Thank you for following!


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