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Pantry Makeover: Clean Water with ezH20

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I have a semi-unreasonable home detail that I lust after. I’ve spent many hours scrolling Pinterest (as many of us have been doing more of these days) looking at beautiful pantries. You know the ones. The ones made for a butler and seem to store only the pretty food in sight. They may even have a fancy built-in appliance or two. I’ve dreamed of giving our functioning, but not fancy, pantry a makeover, but it has never seemed to be the right time. It’s time… almost.* 

*Recent events with everything currently going on has put a hitch in starting the full pantry makeover we had planned this spring, but that’s okay! This is the story of how we took the first step towards #pantrygoals. 

Have you ever read, “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie?” Because this all started with a broken fridge. While in the middle of prepping for a holiday party, my fridge broke beyond repair. I fell for a new fridge shortly after. There was only one problem – it didn’t have an in-fridge water dispenser. I don’t know about you, but our family loves having ice cold water at the ready, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up the luxury. Turns out fate was on my side, because that very week, Elkay reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in trying one of their products!

Elkay, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, provides a host of products that touch every aspect of your everyday life, from the kitchen sink where you prepare your meals to the water filling stations that hydrate you on the go. If the pictures and lead up didn’t already give it away, I jumped at the chance to try their first-of-its-kind, built-in, chilled water dispenser; ezH2O Liv.

The sleek glass front with brushed stainless-steel alcove looks great in any room, and the intuitive alcove lighting brightens when dispensing water.

Why We Love our ezH2O Water Dispenser

What do we love about our ezH2O Liv Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser? A whole lot, actually. For one, it was really easy to install. A plumber can even install it in an unexpected area of the home. All you need is a nearby water line and electrical outlet. Think mudrooms, entertainment spaces, playrooms or even in a second-floor hallway! We chose the pantry for convenience, and because our plumber could easily access a water line from there. ezH2O Liv is designed to fit between your existing wall studs, so all that was required after the install was a simple sheetrock repair, which my husband was able to do himself.

I really appreciate that I know from now on our family can be assured we have access to fresh, filtered water. I think most of us have been reflecting about how fast things can change, so this huge privilege is not lost on me. ezH2O Liv has a long-lasting filter that is NSF certified to put cleaner, healthier water within reach by reducing lead and other harmful contaminants. I previously had been unaware that filters with lead-reduction capabilities are not standard and are rarely found on refrigerators with water dispensers. Making healthy choices is currently at the top of my mind.

Another huge bonus is that my kids can easily serve themselves fresh, clean and cold water. Though, I can’t say that they never ask me to get them water. I often wonder if I’m their Mom or waiter. Clearly both, but it’s definitely helped reduce the time I spend filling cups. ezH2O Liv comes equipped with a timed shut-off. Water automatically stops dispensing when the container is removed from the area, and if any water gets left behind, it swiftly disappears into the drain that we had installed. You can skip the drain if you don’t think it’s needed for your household. It also has a safety lock to prevent unsupervised use, which, with a two-year-old, is 100% necessary.

While I enjoy the convenience of having an in-wall water dispenser, my kids enjoy the LED Green Ticker that counts the number of 20 oz. plastic bottles they have saved. Counting is a loved activity in this house. While it’s fun and games now, someday they’ll realize the positive impact that number actually represents. We’ve only had our water dispenser a short time, and we are already past 120 bottles saved!

I’ll continue to keep you updated on what we have planned for the pantry. If you are in the process of building or remodeling a space in your home, check out the Elkay ezH2O Liv Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser here. 

Where’s the most unconventional spot you’d put an ezH2O Liv water dispenser? I’d love to put one in our master closet or bathroom because I’m always craving cold water in the middle of the night!


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