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Be Our Guest Part 2: The Details

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If your like me, you’re already thinking about the holidays and getting your home guest ready is on your mind. We already talked about the basics, like creating a warm welcome with high quality linens and little luxuries. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

Styling a Guest Ready Bed

When it comes to picking bedding, Serena & Lily is my go-to brand for best-in-class bedding. We have their bedding in both are bunk room and now master bedroom. (Every once in a while, I like to play guest in my own home as demonstrated here.) If you hurry, you can upgrade your bedding for 30% off before their sale ends tonight. (10/28/19). Shop our favorite linens plus our recommendation on what pillows to pair them with here.

It’s a lot easier to make a bed when your excited about it. Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? The good news about a guest room is you don’t have to do it every morning. Here is your chance to display those beautiful throw pillows and pull out your styling skills! That is assuming you have the space to store bedding extras like a cabinet or oversized basket. You don’t want your guests having to navigate around a floor covered in pillows come the AM.

Wether you’re going for modern simplicity or maximum impact, we have you covered. Here’s two of our favorite ways to style pillows on a bed:

All the Stops:
Have a full or larger? Add in two oversized pillow plus a lumbar. Twin? A single pillow + a lumbar will do.

Simple Made: Keep it simple with stacked pillows and a single pillow.

Bonus points: Play bread & breakfast and provide your guest a tray of morning or night time necessities. For morning, perhaps some fruit, coffee and today’s paper. For night, water or tea, with a book they’d enjoy.

A Hotel Worthy Bath

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Invest in 5-star quality towels and stash them in a spot that’s easy for guest to access. I love using bath sheets like these. They’re a little large for everyday use, but are the perfect little luxury for guests. It’s like being wrapped in a fluffy sheet.

Welcoming guests into your space can be tricky, but putting in a little extra effort can make a big difference in both your and your guests experience. My biggest tip: There’s still time before the holidays. Take some time to pamper yourself and perhaps play guests in your own home. My favorite way to play “guest\” is serving myself good old fashioned breakfast in bed.

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