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Project Big Girl Room – Step 1: Pinterest Research

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I’ve been talking about it for a while, but we are finally ready to get started on E’s big girl room! She’ll be moving down the hall to a bigger room as soon as we can get our act together.

Despite her extreme excitement when we first showed her the already purchased bed, she is still a little tentative about the adjustment. I’m hoping a room makeover, will amp up her excitement once more. I know I’m excited about it! Even if it means forfeiting my clean laundry drop off zone. Her new room is right across the hall, and while I’m pretty good at loading, I’m not so great at the whole putting clothes away part… 

Anyway, since this is the first room makeover since I started the blog, I thought it would be fun to bring you through my whole design process. Step by step — starting with how I gather inspiration.

I use a variety of sources to curate images that inspire my work, including Instagram and magazines, but my best source time suck is pretty predictable.

You guessed it – It’s Pinterest!

I do a couple searches and impulsively pin the images that I’m drawn too. Then when I’m able to pull my pin-ing finger away from the mouse, I look for repeating themes in the images.

You can see all my pin’s for E’s big girl room here. Don’t forget to follow the board because I’m probably not done pin-ing yet. It’s never ending really!

Design and image belongs to Kate Marker Interiors.

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

Design and image belong to Christine Dovey

It’s pretty clear from my Pinterest activity that I’m into this wallpaper by Oh Joy! for Hygge & West. It’s all over my board.

I was already considering painting the ceiling in E’s room a soft lavender or pink. After seeing both these images, I’m more-or-less sold. (So much for being original, I guess!)

Design and Image – Monica Hibbs

I love the softness of the room above. This wallpaper may be testing my undying love for Oh Joy!’s Petal Pusher and, of course, we are all about wainscoting in this household.

There our some definite themes in my pins — a lot of girly, a lot of soft pastels, and a lot of wallpaper, but there is one thing I’m all over the place on and it’s seating.

Design – Sarah Rosenhaus Interior Design

Do we go bohemian and casual? (I’ve been wanting this swinging chair for FOREVER and I still like to rock my big girl to sleep sometimes.)

Design and Images belong to Christine Dovey

Ultra glam and girly?

Source – Style Me Pretty | Design – Winter Daisy

Or cozy and sweet?

Speaking of seating…

Design and image belong to Petal + Ply

How great is this window seat made from Ikea Hemnes dressers? But do we dare take on another Ikea hack? Not to mention this would be the third window seat in the house. I like what I like!

Check out my Pinterest page for more images, including some great wall decor and kid friendly nooks. While you’re there don’t forget to click follow!

The next step of my design process is assessing what we are working with. Next bedroom post, I’ll be sharing pictures of the room and the beautiful aqua bed that could put a slight dent in my soft pastel game plan.


Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

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