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The Power of a Bigger Window

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Making a basement cozy, but not cave-like can be a challenge. Windows are usually sparse and unless you are lucky enough to have a walk out basement, natural light is limited in the few windows you do have.

We painted our entertainment room dark. (I may have mentioned it a few times). During the planning stage, we were left scratching our heads on how to make it work without it seeming cold.

White paint is Benjamin Moore Wedding Veil | Dark paint is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

Then our contractor stepped in and helped solve our woes. We are working with Carpenter Homes, to finish the basement and they suggested we increase the size of the window on the playroom wall a foot to bring in more light. It set us back about $2K, but was well worth it. At least in our opinion.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on what a difference 12 extra inches can make.


That 12 inches peaking up makes a huge difference. Ignore the hot-mess, lackluster landscaping and focus on the window!

We custom designed an Integrity Window with the help of our contractor, Jason, and Lambert Lumber. It’s white on the outside and will be stained black in the interior.

The larger window became the basis of my design and the few extra inches changed the lighting in our basement completely, allowing us to embrace a dark paint color, while still maintaining a space that will be comfortable for play. You can see the mockup of the final design here.

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What do you think? Was springing for a larger window worth it or a huge waste of money?

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