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2018 Gift Guide: For The Design Lover

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  1. In Full Flower – Inspired Designs by Floral’s New Creatives $44: A masterful interior gets a whole lot better when you’ve learned how to create a masterful floral centerpiece to go with it.
  2. Vera Tray $18: Minimal doesn’t mean boring. This affordable tray makes a subtle statement empty or full. It’s also on my list for Santa.
  3. Walnut Frame $22: Simple done right. Sometimes the best design is subtle and pairs well with everything.
  4. Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite $48: Notice a theme here? A beautiful design book all about the subtle nuances of design. The design lover in your life is sure to love the inspirational images, but they’ll really appreciate that it looks amazing on a coffee table.
  5. Triangle Dinner Bell $68: The most stylish way to call your family to dinner.
  6. Jenni Kayne Cedar Matte Glass Candle $44: Gift a cozy, rustic fragrance to match your friends cozy, rustic home. Cedar is filled with notes of rose, tobacco leaf, fir needle and cedarwood.
  7. Work Hard & Be Nice to People Print $269: Simple style, simple message. Both equally impactful. 
  8. Gold Watering Can $34: Who says your more utilitarian home items can’t be sculptural? This watering can will add interest while still being useful.
  9. Ribbed Pot $90: Greenery adds life to any well-design space. Your interior design loving, loved-one is going to need a well designed pot or two. This one is especially useful, as it includes a built-in water tray to help with proper drainage. 
  10. Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set – Windowpane $149: Soft, cool and crisp in look and feel.
  11. Nude Flower Pot $22: A modern shape and an uncommon, warm hue make for quiet statement. This pot could hold its own styled with or without an actual plant.
  12. Block Perpetual Calendar design by Sir/Madam $80: A unique piece that is sure to catch a well-trained design eye. It delivers both form and function.
  13. Buffalo Plaid Fringed Throw $129: Whats more timeless than a bold black and white plaid? Made by Faribault Woolen Milll. Permanently moth-proofed, 100% pure wool.
  14. Murchison-Hume Hand Duo $52: Likely the most used items in my home and I don’t mind having them out by every sink one bit.
  15. Rumont Napkins (Set of 4) $54: These napkins getting even better with wear. Plus having a set of real napkins instead of just using paper towels screams “grown up.”
  16. Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Copper Kettle $63.20: The only thing I like better than pour over coffee, is pour over coffee brewed in style.


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