Freestyle Friday (Check Out Our New Project List Page!)

Well guys, are basement is nearing completion. I’ll be Facebook live-ing a tour this weekend and I plan to post a longer progress report soon, as well as, a few DIY tutorials in the next month and a design update on the stairs. I may post one more sneak peak after that, but big picture wise, it will be *mostly under wraps until we are ready to reveal the rooms around January. Then you can expect a flurry of posts with all the final details.

*I often can’t help but share real time progress in my Instagram stories.

So what am I going to write about when our basements done? Well, because I have problem with being over inspired, our to-do list in our home is long and changing. We’ve also completed plenty of smaller scale projects I haven’t had a chance to share the details for. For instance, I still owe you a tutorial on how we created the wall-to-wall bookcases in our office using Ikea’s Billy bookcases.

I thought it would be fun to share with you our honey-do-list with projects both big and small; some hired, some DIY

You can find the list here, or at any time by clicking “Project List” in the menu bar.

This list will be updated as we plan and complete projects, and includes links to all relevant posts. Check back regularly for updates. You’ll be able to tell from the long list, and lack of links that we still have a ton of content to share with you.

This list doesn’t even include picking furnishes, small aesthetic projects, like adding a small gallery to my home office, or simple DIY projects, like creating jewelry holders using picture frames and chicken wire. 

So stay tuned! We have a lot coming your way.

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