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It’s safe to say that E had a great birthday, other than when I made her wait for cake. See the hilarious proof here.  

It’s also safe to say that she is a wee bit spoiled. Given she is the only grandchild on my side, she gets showered with gifts for birthdays and holidays. Among her gifts was a Doc McStuffin’s outfit, Frozen dolls, and a Fisher Price doll house. Good thing I had already boxed up some of her own toys in preparation for the festivities!

Her favorite new toy is an adorable Pottery Barn Kids rocking cradleChristmas gift alert!  I had her name put on it for $9.50 extra. So worth it!

I also picked up this soft doll blanket and had it embroidered with “baby.” 

Speaking of babies, mine is officially not one. She is a big girl. Her name is not Sweetie Pie or Cuddle Bug either. She has informed me I am to call her by her name… her full name. I still manage to sneak in the nicknames without her noticing or caring, but it may officially be time for Snuggle Bug to get a big girl room. The pin below is giving me all the feels.  That subtly pink ceiling, that wallpaper.

Do I dare to wallpaper a whole room? Better question – Will Daren let me? Only time will tell!

Tiny Prints - Sitewide Sale

Design by Kate Marker Interiors.

I have been Pinteresting a bit more lately. The basement is at a lull because we have been waiting on cabinets, so I have had a bit more free time. Pinterest is dangerous because after more than 30 minutes of pinning I start to think it would be a great idea to build another house someday or change my kitchen backsplash. No and No. Step away from the computer screen, Katie.

However, I may actually be able to pull some inspiration out of the below pin without renovating or building a new home. While I will never have the perfectly antiqued floor and baseboards (tear), I can have the poster in my office. The original Letters of Love poster seems to be defunct, but I found similar Etsy prints here and here.

See all my pins here.

Pin from Etsy – Letters of Love

Feeling over-inspired? Not yet. I can help with that.

Check out this perfect forest wonderland nursery.

And Young House Love’s complete kitchen overhaul.

Then follow HouseofJadeInteriors on Instagram.

Questioning every design decision you have ever made due to the above perfection. Check out these major DIY fails. It will make you feel better about yourself. I promise.

Then to improve your design confidence even more, may I suggest some retail therapy? West Elm is having a real big sale–20% off your entire order using the code SCORE20. I recommend this cozy and festive Fair Isle Colorblock throw. Baby, it’s cold outside.

Tray | Cotton and Leaves from Eco Chic Boutique | Feya Candle | The Magnolia Story

I picked up The Magnolia Story earlier this week and can’t wait to dive into it this weekend. Could Joanna Gaines be more perfect. I’ve never met her, but like every other true HGTV addict, I think we should be best friends. Joanna, call me!

Next week we are diving back into our basement project with Carpenter Homes. Watch our Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Happy Weekend!

Freestyle Friday
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